Always togheter

Always togheter

Bautiful Box is a smart home device that engages pets with fun activities when they're left home alone, while enabling their owners to "keep an eye" on them.

Built by pet-lovers, veterinaries and trainers, Bautiful Box is designed to fit the needs of pets and humans.

  • Worry no more

    Thanks to the built-in camera and sensors, Bautiful Box understands your pet's behaviour and acts accordingly. Also, you can watch and speak to your pet wherever you are!

  • Keep your pet busy

    Engage your pet with unlimited entertainment possibilities! Whether your pet is a dog or a cat, Bautiful Box involves it with the best activities, so that it will feel more content and less lonely.

  • Healthy, happy and zen

    Using positive reinforcement techniques, Bautiful Box stimulates your pet cognitive skills with fun and clever games. And if your pet seems to need to relieve some stress, Bautiful Box engages it with physical activities too!

Stay connected 24/7

Stay connected 24/7

With the Bautiful-App, you can plan your pet's activities. Set the daily amount of food to feed, games difficulty levels and keep track of the progress. Bautiful Box, thanks to the built-in camera and 2-way audio, enables you to speak to your pet, give commands and reward him with a treat!


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